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2011-02-18 16:26:26
Web & Web site Application Des

Kirkasha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is a renowned Indian Web & Web site application development company with established presence across the globe. It is well known for its pioneer services of web site application in India.

Mrs. Harshita Agarwal, Director of the company says, "As we enter into the successful years ahead, we want to offer full spectrum of services like software development, web site design, web application, mobile applications, multimedia services, web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, website solutions, BPO, KPO and IT-enabled services".

The Director adds, "As regards to mobile applications, Kirkasha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is known for developing Website in PHP, PHP Software, Software in PHP, mobile applications, Bluetooth and wireless enabled mobile games software.

The company has been involved in developing prototypes of software which are J2ME, .Net, Android, Symbian, Blackberry enabled but to name a few. Our mobile application and wireless game services have given us edge against our competitors. While entering consecutively into successful year of operations we offer affordable Web & Web site application in PHP with which you can effectively advertise your business.

Our creative team of web designers will give the tailored look, feel and unique interfaces to your website designing. While your materials will fit on the website we will communicate about it to the rest of the world and bring customers to your website on rank with SEO services and our years of SEO experience will put you on top of targeted keywords in search engine. Our tools and expertise will optimize your website on-page and off-page of it to bring natural, organic traffic any Internet marketer wishes for.

We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web site application and portal development. Our expert team has taken part in dozens of website application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions.

We at Krikasha understand that custom Web site application development is not a one-off task. We employ leading-edge technologies so that need-based Web site application and technology solutions may have longer shelf-life and evolve with your business. These will need minimum maintenance/support and generate business value.

Kirkasha is into development of web site application for a wide range of industries - Information Technology & web application development. Our companies proven professional expertise, cross-industry experience and technical capabilities in web site application help determine the optimal technology solutions for reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages.

Besides getting monetary advantage of offshore outsourcing, said Mrs. Harshita Agarwal, Director of Krikasha Worl Wide. "We hope to continue our success in the next coming years," he signs off.

Web site Application - Krikasha Technologies

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2011-02-16 16:05:17
CMS Info Systems bags Rs. 300-

Last month, BSNL gave a similar Rs.250 Crore contract to HCL Infosystems for managing its billing systems across northen and western states

CMS Info Systems, an IT services vendor, has landed a Rs. 300 crore contract from BSNL on Tuesday to centralise the state owned telecom company's billing system.

CMS Info Systems, in which the Blackstone group has a stake has inked a seven a seven year contract to implement the billing system at BSNL sites across the Northeast, eastern and southern states. This is expected to add scale and efficiency to BSNL printing model a company executive said.

CMS plans to double print output to 2 billion documents a year with the BSNL contract by deploying industrial scale printers. "We will deploy techniques to map user profiles against an appropriate marketing scheme. BSNL will enjoy flexibility in offering dynamic marketing opportunities to advertisers and increase revenue from marketers, said CMS Info Systems president (IT business) Sudev Muthya.

Last month, BSNL gave a similar Rs.250 crore contract to HCL Info systems for managing its billing systems across northern and western states. HCL Infosystems is establishing a facility equipped with printing solutions for transactional output to service the order.

BSNL decision to embrace a cost effective solution like centralised billing comes at a time when it is saddled with revenue losses over several quarters. Telecom regulator Trai's recent recommendations on pricing of 2G airwaves is likely to make matters worse. According to Trai's suggestions, the loss making telco may have to fork out more than rs.7,563 crore for holding excess airwaves beyond the contracted limit.

Mobile number portability or MNP too appears to have taken aheavy toll. BSNL lost 20,000 customers in Haryana post MNP till January, even though it claims to have made net gains in Andhra Pradesh. Small wonder, BSNL has been trying to tone up its marketing act by offering more freebies to cling on to its customers and poach dissatisfied ones from rival networks. It has also offered to waive the Rs.19 minimum porting charge if a subscriber wishes to come to BSNL. Apart from this, it is offering free SIM cards along with talktime of Rs. 100 on the prepaid platform.

Article Source: The Economic Times News

To read more click here: BSNL News
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2011-02-16 10:43:20
Astronomers Identify Thick Dis

An international team of astronomers has identified for the first time a thick stellar disc in the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way

The discovery of the thick disc, a major result from a five-year investigation, will help astronomers better understand the processes involved in the formation and evolution of large spiral galaxies like ours, according to the team, which includes UCLA research astronomer Michael Rich and colleagues from Europe and Australia.

Using the Keck Telescope in Hawaii, the astronomers analyzed the velocities of individual bright stars within the Andromeda galaxy and were able to observe a group of stars tracing a thick disc -- distinct from those comprising the galaxy's already-known thin disc -- and assessed how these stars differ from thin-disc stars in height, width and chemistry.

Approximately 70 percent of Andromeda's stars are contained in the galaxy's thin stellar disc. This disc structure contains the spiral arms traced by regions of active star formation, and it surrounds a central bulge of old stars at the core of the galaxy.

"From observations of our own Milky Way and other nearby spirals, we know that these galaxies typically possess two stellar discs, both a 'thin' and a 'thick' disc," said Michelle Collins, a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy, who led the study.

The thick disc consists of older stars whose orbits take them along a "thicker" path -- one that extends both above and below the galaxy's thin disc.

"The classical thin stellar discs that we typically see in Hubble imaging result from the accretion of gas towards the end of a galaxy's formation, whereas thick discs are produced in a much earlier phase of the galaxy's life, making them ideal tracers of the processes involved in galactic evolution," Collins said.

The formation process of thick discs is not yet well understood. Previously, the best hope for understanding this structure was by studying the thick disc present in our own Milky Way. However, much of our galaxy's thick disc is obscured from view. The discovery of a similar thick disc in Andromeda presents a much clearer view of spiral structure.

Astronomers will be able to determine the properties of the disc across the galaxy and will search for signatures of the events related to its formation, the researchers said.

"Our initial study of this component already suggests that it is likely older than the thin disc, with a different chemical composition," said UCLA's Rich, who was the principal investigator at the Keck Observatory for the observations. "Future, more detailed observations should enable us to unravel the formation of the disc system in Andromeda, with the potential to apply this understanding to the formation of spiral galaxies throughout the universe."

"This result is one of the most exciting to emerge from the larger parent survey of the motions and chemistry of stars in the outskirts of Andromeda,'' said Scott Chapman of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge. "Finding this thick disc has afforded us a unique and spectacular view of the formation of the Andromeda system and will undoubtedly assist in our understanding of this complex process."

Article Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/02/110214204052.htm

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2011-02-16 10:33:52
Thought on Technologies

A new technology that allows wireless signals to be sent and received simultaneously on a single channel has been developed by Stanford researchers. Their research could help build faster, more efficient communication networks, at least doubling the speed of existing networks.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/02/110214155503.htm

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2011-02-12 10:40:16
Needs to step up cyber offensi

Awareness and preparedness to face and fight cyber crime and cyber terrorism is quite low

NEW DELHI,INDIA: Government has to step up on its cyber offensive to match Chinese and Pakistani hackers breaching the cyber networks, says Ankit Fadia, the man who made his name as India's youngest and first certified ethical hacker.

"The Indian intelligence and military agencies regularly use Indian hackers to carry out counter offensives. However, the quantum of such work being carried out here is a lot less than it is in countries such as China and Pakistan," Fadia was quoted by PTI.

His views gain credence following the report, 'Shadows in the Cloud', in which a few Canadian and American cyber-security researchers had claimed that China-based online espionage gangs have accessed classified documents from several Indian defence and security establishments.

"India stands nowhere in terms of counter offensive against the attacker's networks," says Sunny Waghela, an Ahmedabad based ethical hacker. The government should employ hackers to do network penetration testing regularly to check whether networks and applications are vulnerable to the latest exploits or not, he says.

Waghela gives a picture of the havoc that Pakistani or Chinese hackers create. "They deface websites or download sensitive information (credit cards, databases) from vulnerable websites and put their own page in place of index page of victim."

Though Indian hackers say cyber laws in the country are good, they also believe that awareness and preparedness of the Indian government to face and fight cyber crime and cyber terrorism is quite low.

"The problem is that police officials who are supposed to enforce the cyber laws have not been trained properly. Many times when I am contacted for help, they end up asking very basic questions," says Fadia.

"Look at engineering colleges across the country. There are no courses on computer security. This is the primary reason for lack of experts in the country," Fadia says.

Defence Minister A K Antony had recently said that "cyber warfare is becoming a serious threat to security... We need to make our cyber systems as secure and as non-porous as possible".

Article Source: http://www.ciol.com/Technology/Security/Feature/HackingIndia-needs-to-step-up-cyber-offensive/136767/0/

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